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Commercial Access Control System CPMS

Cylinder Project Management System (CPMS) is designed to work with CPMS capable cylinders/locks from WAFERLOCK.  The USB wired system programmer (RT-7000) works like a bridge between computer and cylinder/lock w hile setting the system. Operators could set up locking plan in the software, and upload to System Programmer. Each lock can be updated easily by only system programmer. It can also read cylinder/lock records during connection. Things are done in the quickest and low cost way for small and medium size commercial locking system.


  • Offline system
  • Max Door: 10,240
  • Max User: 5,120
  • Time Zone: 9
  • Audit Trail: 1,024 events per device
  • Transponder: Mifare Classic or ISO14443A card
  • System backup
  • User account authorization


Software Application
CPMS Cyliner Project Management System software

IP67 Electronic Cylinders
WCL-7000 Electronic Cylinder
WR-1010 Standalone Wall Reader
WR-2000 Standalone Wall Controller
RT-7000 Programmer for Electronic Cylinder System


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