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Pad Lock (IP67)

Retrofit to pad lock.




  • Anti-Drilling Protection
  • Transponder: Mifare Classic (13.56Mhz)
  • Battery: CR2 x 1pcs
  • Reading Distance: up to 25 mm
  • Battery Life: Standby 3 years or 60,000 operations
  • Operation Temperature: -25°C ~ 70°C
  • Smart Sleep Mode
  • Acoustic low power warning
  • Max Events: 1,024
  • Firmware is upgradable
  • NFC compatibility
  • CE certificate
  • IP67


  • E-Link (C-200/E00): Networking system of commercial building, education, banking access control
  • CPMS (C-200/C00): commercial, school, small/medium office
  • HPMS (C-200/H00): Hospitality market
  • Standalone (C-200/S00): Residential market


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