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e-Link Networking System Software

e-Link Networking System, is the next generation for Access Control system. From small to large system, the e-Link Networking System is capable of control and manage a maximum of 64,000 doors by 64,000 users. All commands and informations for the locks and access rights are stored in user's transponder and it can be updated anytime through any onlined hot-spot Wall Readers. The software is fully featured with lock settings and user profile management, it is very easy to operate yet with highest security. Moreover, application such as Time Attendance can be also integrated with the e-Link Networking System. With this total solution, WaferLock provides you a total different environment for controlling your access, it is efficient, simple and secure.



Software Specification & Capacity:

  • Supports up to 64,000 doors / 64,000 users.
  • Max Door Group: 1500
  • User & Door: Locking Plan setup
  • Easy User profile setup (include Visitor Profile), lock setup, Wall Controller setup.
  • Locks can be programmed or updated user access right through hand held System Programmer.
  • Opening mode:
    1. Standard 6 seconds
    2. Toggle
    3. Timed Toggle
    4. Office Hour Mode
  • Support Emergency Open / Emergency Close mode
  • Cylinder setup by System Programmer, after first installation update by card.
  • Events & Audit Trail report

                - User Audit Trail list
                - Lock low battery warning list
                - Door unlock or Alarm warning list
                - Issued Card log list

  • Ability of setting up Calendar function
  • Ability of managing Day Light Saving function
  • 200 time zones, each can have 12 periods
  • System User Authorization Management
  • Import & Export document function
  • Time Attendance List

System Requirement:

  • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2003/7
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 1.0 GHz+ or AMD Athlon 1000+
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Hardisk space: 100MB
  • Resolution: 1024*768
  • Minimum USB Port: 1
  • Ethernet Card (for connection between PC and Wall Controller)
  • Ethernet connection is a requirement



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